Do you feel uncertain of a career option? Do you lack the freedom to choose a subject that you really want to pursue? Do you always feel low on self-confidence? Are you constantly doubting yourself? A Q&A column to assuage your doubts.

I am a class XII humanities student, who is in the process of writing my board exams in English, Hindi, political science, geography, history, and physical education. I don’t know what I want to do after class XII, as I do not know my field of interest. I am a good listener, I can give good advice, and love reading. Other than that, I don’t know what I want to do. Please guide me about the different fields which are unique. – Divya Shrivastava

Dear Divya,

I hope you have completed your board exams and finally have some time to breathe and keenly think about your field of interests. Since you are a good listener and can give sound advice and love to read, do you want to consider psychology or law? Both are pretty unique and have brilliant scope. English literature is also a good option. What do you really enjoy? Would you want to teach? Do you see yourself being a therapist, or someone in the advertising world, an event manager? Or do you want to specialise in mass communication, work with a leading business house, or be a journalist? Please meet an equipped career counsellor to help you narrow your search with your interest and skill sets.

I am 21 years old and have completed my B.E. in EEE. I got a job through college placements, but wasn’t interested in the software job. My passion was always helping people, so I opted for teaching. During B.E, I took tuitions for school students. Presently, I am working as a math faculty in a private institution, but I want to do something to improve people’s life and for my country. I am the only earning member in my middle-class family. How can I improve my career? – Subha Sri

Dear Subha Sri,

What else in addition to teaching would you like to do, in order to make a difference? Please shortlist specific areas of interest and skill sets that you would you want to develop (whilst working). Many reputed universities offer online courses, specialised programmes through distant education in social work, public health and administration, counselling psychology and master’s in many disciplines like math, for example. Alternatively, there are also organisations (like Teach For India) that are supportive of young adults and that you can join part-time till you find your calling. You could also join the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force with your B.E credits, as a direct entry. Think of where you see yourself in the next few years and what makes you wake up effortlessly to be charged and ready for a bright new day; you will find your answer.

I am currently pursuing my third year in B.A.(Hons.) English, from Delhi University. I am least interested in pursuing M.A. in literature and am considering an MBA in international business or HR. Is there any scope for me? I have studied science in higher secondary. What should I do? – Tina Shah

Dear Tina,

MBA in international business is a great choice as you can pursue a career as an international trade specialist, an economist, or specialise in marketing and sales or business development or supply chain, become a risk management director, or even run your own business, eventually.

An MBA in human resource management, on the other hand, can equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to deal with high stress situations and develop talent within an organisation. HR is, by far, the most important department of any organisation. Everything from hiring to firing, and in between, is taken care of by HR. HRM extends great potential for employee and company schemes, recruiting, increasing employee benefits, reworking effective policies, appraisals, designing and engaging in training and development, enhancing job stability and improving overall job satisfaction of the office employees.

I am 15 years old and am currently studying in class X. I am passionate about astrophysics, and want to pursue a career in the same. Could you tell me about colleges offering courses in astrophysics (for example, B.Sc Astrophysics), in India, and what are the exams through which I must attempt, in order to get admission to such colleges? – Arjun Sijai

Dear Arjun,

I am assuming that you are passionate about physics, space, and understanding the physical world. First, you have to complete your 10+2 exam in the science stream, and do exceptionally well in math and physics. After 10+2, you will need to take mandatory entrance exams to make it to the college of your choice. You could do a B.Sc or BS-MS in physics and then complete your Ph.D. in astrophysics from IISc, IISERs, which are good institutes for a degree in physics, and of course, the IITs (engineering physics is a course offered by only a few IITs).

You could also do B.E in EEE, ETC, or a course in engineering physics across the IITs, BITS Pilani, IISER Mohali, IIST, or other prominent institutes. All these institutions will give you a good headstart. The rest depends on your discipline and consistency.

Disclaimer: This column is not a substitute for long-term therapy. It is merely a guiding voice. Some issues may need medical intervention.

The author is a practising counsellor and a trainer. She will answer questions sent to The subject line should be: ‘Off the edge’

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