Do you feel uncertain of a career option? Do you lack the freedom to choose a subject that you really want to pursue? Do you always feel low on self-confidence? Are you constantly doubting yourself? A Q&A column to assuage your doubts.

I am 20, have completed BCA, and am interested in information technology. I want to start an organisation of my own, in the future. If I study MCA, will it help my goal? What are the benefits involved, and is it worth three years of my time? – A.M Ajith

Dear Ajith,

Post MCA, you are qualified to get jobs as a software developer/programmer/engineer, troubleshooter, system analyst, software application architect, software consultant, hardware engineer, technical writer, systems developer/engineer. Wipro’ WASE programme offers M.Tech in software engineering (four years) from BITS, Pilani.

Meet a career counsellor, do a psychometric assessment and gain a deeper understanding of what your specific interest is, in IT Also, meet and talk to at least three people who do what you intend, and plan to do and understand what the real scope of their business is.

I am 20 and will be completing my B.A. economics next year. I am confused about what to do next. I plan to sit for the placement and simultaneously prepare for CAT. I heard from most of my friends and relatives that pursuing an MBA without experience would be a waste. Please guide me. – Ramya Vijaykumar

Dear Ramya,

Yes, enjoy the placements process — it teaches you way more than merely landing a job. Also, simultaneously keep preparing for CAT. Some people choose to pursue MBA after a few years of work experience, and many follow it up immediately, after an undergrad. There is no right or wrong. Where do you see yourself at 25-26? Identify that, set a goal and then work on it, till you achieve it. All experiences eventually come handy and nothing is a waste in life. Trust your gut for, it will never let you down.

I am 25 year old and have completed my MBA last year. Although I didn’t sit for placement as my parents wanted me to work in the government sector rather than the private sector, I started preparing for bank exams. However, sometimes, I get frustrated while studying as my friends have started working and I am still preparing to get a job. How do I deal with this situation – Monica Parish

Dear Monica,

How is your exam preparation coming along?

Kindly clarify — who will need to work and be happy at a job, eventually? After this exam attempt, in the remote possibility of you not making it to a lucrative job opening in the public sector, please apply across the board at all possible openings in the private sector. Good jobs are hard to find, and you don’t want to hit rock bottom and get depressed at 26, when you see your friends living their identity whilst making their own fearless independent choices. Please work on your assertiveness and start taking some decisions. You are a functional young adult.

I am a 27-year-old mechanical engineering graduate. I am currently working in a PSU and have five years of work experience. I am interested in pursuing an executive MBA. What extracurricular activities or some other certifications can help me get into a good college? Sandeepan Dasgupta

Dear Sandeepan,

IIM Ahmedabad- PGPX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives), IIM Bangalore- EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Program), IIM Kolkata- PGPeX (Post Graduate Program for Executives), IIM Lucknow- IPMX (International Programme in management for executives), XLRI GMP are some of the prestigious colleges in our country to do this course. Admission is of course on the basis of GMAT, essays and interviews. The candidate is assessed on academics, work experiences, goal clarity, leadership, decision-making, communication, and diversity.

Extracurriculars (active hobbies and interests — singing, playing an instrument, painting, sculpting), sports (individual and team sports) and other certifications (volunteering at a NGO, community development activity, active member of a social/environment club, and, so on), certainly helps showcase your overall personality and skill sets.

Presuming the CAT scores and academics are at par with other candidates, specifically mention these activities in the resume, highlight them in the SOP, and believe that your application will have a higher chances of an admit.

Disclaimer: This column is not a substitute for long-term therapy. It is merely a guiding voice. Some issues may need medical intervention.

The author is a practising counsellor and a trainer. She will answer questions sent to The subject line should be: ‘Off the edge’

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